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- summer 2019 (approx): Routes 18, 18A, 38, 54, 218, X7, X8 and X63 – Killingworth Road and West Farm Avenue, Newcastle

Killingworth Road, Gosforth, is closed between South Gosforth Roundabout and West Farm Avenue until (approx) summer 2019 to widen the road.  Routes 18, 18A, 38, 54, 218, X7, X8 & X63 are diverted via Four Lane Ends.  Details of routes and alternative stops are set out on the attached file.  Please note some routes also operate to a revised timetable.



- Friday, 29 March 2019: Routes 22, Silverlink Roundabout overnight closures

Each weeknight from Wednesday 2 January 2019 through to Friday 29 March 2019, several sections of the Silverlink roundabout will be closed for essential works between 8pm and 6am.
Due to these closures, Stagecoach service 22 will divert away from the Silverlink Roundabout and travel up Churchill Street via the Jolly Bowman, along Middle Engine Lane and into the north side of Silverlink. All buses will turn at Osprey Drive roundabout and observe the stops outside the Volkswagen and Citroen dealerships before returning to the northern end of Silverlink and on towards Cobalt Park, re-joining the normal route.  Services in both directions will follow the diversion route.



- Routes 2/2A, 16, 78/78A, 8, 8N, 8X, 35A, 39135, 136 – A183 Chester Road, Sunderland

Due to resurfacing works, A183 Chester Road, Sunderland (including the junction of Chester Road/St Mark’s Road) will be closed at The Royalty between approximately 8am and 6pm on Sunday 24 February.  During this closure Chester Road will be un-served between University of Sunderland the Royal Hospital.
Go North East (GNE) services, 2/2A, 8N, 35A, 39, 78/78A, Nexus secured services 8, 135, 136 (operated by GNE), 8X (Compass Community Transport) and Stagecoach service 16 will be operating via the following diversions:
GNE services 2/2A, 78/78A will divert via Ormonde Street, The Barnes Gyratory, and Durham Road in both directions.
GNE services 8N, 35A & 39 will divert via Kayll Road, Hylton Road and St. Michaels Way in both directions.
Nexus service 136 (Go North East) will divert via St Michael’s Way, Silksworth Row and Hylton Road to the Kayll Road/Hylton Road junction where it will pick up its normal route. This service will stop at all stops on the diversion route.
Nexus service 135 (Go North East) will turn left at the Hylton Road, Kayll Road junction and divert via Hylton Road, Silksworth Row and St Michael’s Way, picking up its normal route from St Michaels Way/Chester Road. This service will stop at all stops on the diversion route.
Nexus service 8 (Go North East) and service 8X (Compass Community Transport) will divert from Chester Road via Kayll Road, Hylton Road, Silksworth Row and St Michael’s Way, joining their normal route from St Michaels Way/Chester Road. (opposite route applies for return journey). These services will stop only at the following stops on the diversion route: Kayll road/Chester Road,  Kayll Road/hospital entrance; St Michaels’s Way/Empire (eastbound service), Silksworth Row (westbound service).
Stagecoach service 16 towards the City Centre will run down Chester Road as far as Kayll Road where the service will divert and travel via Kayll Road, Hylton Road, Silksworth Row and St Michael’s Way, re-joining the regular route towards Redhouse at Albion Place.
Service 16 towards Hastings Hill will run as normal via Holmeside and Green Terrace before diverting and travelling along Silksworth Row, Hylton Road and Kayll Road, re-joining the normal route towards Hastings Hill on Chester Road at St Gabriel’s Church.
Passengers looking to travel on the service 16 in either direction should use the stops on Hylton Road or Kayll Road for their journey.



- Wednesday, 20 February 2019: Routes 35A, 50A and X34 – A184 Newcastle Road/Testos Roundabout/Abingdon Way, East Boldon

A184 Newcastle Road will be closed overnight between Testos roundabout and Abingdon Way on Monday 18 February and Tuesday 19 February.  The closures will be in place between 8pm and 6am for works in connection with the major scheme at Testos junction.
During the closure Go North East service 35A, Nexus Service 50A (operated by GNE) and Stagecoach X34 will operate as follows:  
Go North East  service 35A from Boldon ASDA will continue ahead to Abingdon Way roundabout as normal, but then divert RIGHT to Abingdon Way then left onto the A19 southbound back to Testo's roundabout, then right to A184 Felling by-pass as normal.
From Heworth, service 35A will operate via the normal route to Testo's roundabout, then left to A19 Northbound, leaving at first off-slip road to Hedworth Lane across A19 bridge, then right at next junction to Abingdon Way, remaining on Abingdon Way to next roundabout near Pizza Hut then left to normal route.
Nexus service 50A (Go North East) will divert via Downhill Lane and A184 to Abingdon Way, and vice versa for return.  No stops will be omitted by the diversion.
Stagecoach service X34 towards Boldon and Harton Nook – will run as normal to Testos Roundabout (A19) before diverting via A19 northbound, Hedworth Lane and Abbingdon Way as far as Pizza Hut where the service will re-join its normal route on Henley Way.



- Friday, 22 February 2019: Routes 9, 20 38, 38C, 238, X6 and X7 – Park Road/Burdon Road, Sunderland

The left turn from Park Road towards Burdon Road will be closed off from Monday 18 February to Friday 22 February to allow for road reconstruction.
Go North East services 9 (towards Lukes Lane), 38, 38C, 238, X6 & X7 will divert ahead, remaining on Park Road, then left to Toward Road, then left to Borough Road and normal routes from Burdon Road/Fawcett Street junction.
Stagecoach service 20 - will run along Hylton Road and St Michael’s Way as normal before diverting via Albion Place, Vine Place and Holmeside, re-joining the normal route at Fawcett Street.  Buses will be unable to serve stops on Stockton Road (outside Age Concern) or Burdon Road (opposite Mowbray Park).



- Routes 18 and 26 – Perth Avenue, Brockley Whins

Perth Avenue will be closed for resurfacing works between John Reid Road and Queensland Avenue on Sunday 24 February.
Go North East service 26 will divert via John Reid Road and will be unable to serve Edinburgh Road or Perth Avenue in either direction.  Please use stops on Newcastle Road or Dame Flora Robson Avenue.
Stagecoach Service 18 will be unable to enter the Scotch Estate via Perth Avenue but will instead be diverted via John Reid Road and Leam Lane before turning into Edinburgh Road from the North end.  The service will travel via Edinburgh Road, Inverness Road, Australia Grove and Brisbane Avenue before returning via Edinburgh Road to the Leam Lane exit.   Service 18 buses will then travel via the Lindisfarne Roundabout, Newcastle Road and Henderson Road before re-joining the normal route at Dame Flora Robson Avenue.



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